Wood-fired oven

Rock on

There are lots of outdoor skills with a very steep learning curve. When it’s come to making sea salt, splitting wood, or starting an outboard motor, I’ve gotten up to speed pretty quickly. Shellfishing’s fairly straightforward, and I went from being a rank novice to a published authority in no time. Even the chickens aren’t that hard. […]

Of literary critics and rocks

One of my all-time favorite jokes is this one: Q: What do you get when cross a Mafioso with a deconstructionist? A: Someone who makes you an offer you can’t understand. Do you have to be anti-intellectual to think that’s funny? I hope not. It’s just that I’m straightforward to the bone, and wouldn’t know […]

Groundbreaking news

Kevin and I got married some five years ago. Our wedding was as low-key as a wedding can be, just us and our two oldest friends at City Hall on a Tuesday morning. Then a breakfast at the Mercer Kitchen, in Soho, and off to Arizona for five days of golf school. When we came […]