Rural hospitality

There are a lot of reasons I don’t play as much golf as I’d like, and most of them are dull, dull, dull. We’re too busy. I didn’t get around to making a tee time, and now it’s too late. My game is so rusty that I’m embarrassed to play with strangers. From years of […]


We have rats. The tunnels started appearing in the raised beds and the hoophouse a couple months ago, but I didn’t worry too much because there’s nothing in the raised beds or the hoophouse. But then they breached the chicken coop. Our coop has poultry fencing across the bottom, under about six inches of dirt […]

Going into hiding

I come from a long line of furriers. Okay, that’s not strictly true. I come from a long line of Austro-Hungarian cattle rustlers and one furrier, my grandfather, who apparently became a furrier only because Minneapolis got too hot to hold him, apparently because the mob was pissed at him, apparently because he was an […]

Rabbit at Rest

It was back in December that we were trying to trap the raccoons that were gnawing at the boards of our chicken coop. After much discussion about the best method to kill a raccoon, we decided on a high-powered air rifle, so we bought one. It’s a Benjamin 22-caliber break-barrel version, and it’s said to […]