Winter varmints

In the summer, setting up the Varmintcam’s a crapshoot. I know we’ve got varmints galore, but I have no idea where I’m likely to be able to catch them in the act. In winter, though, their tracks in the snow are a dead giveaway. I spotted little pawprints near the oyster shells we tossed behind […]

Varmint variety

We keep a pile of clam and oyster shells behind our compost set-up, and it’s a big attraction for local varmints.  About a week ago, we tossed out a particularly smelly pile of shells, many with adductor muscles or bits of body attached to them.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to catch […]

The hole truth

The other day, we found a deep, narrow hole in the ground in the middle of our blackberry patch. Something had dug a burrow right at the root of one of our bushes. We filled it in, in the hopes of discouraging the critter. Next day, it was back. It was a small hole, clearly […]

Varmint update

The Varmintcam is perfect for capturing pictures of crows, squirrels, chickens, and the most unflattering views of Kevin and me I have ever seen. It’s either me bending over, or Kevin straining to lift something, or me picking my nose, or Kevin scratching that one part of him that always seems to itch. No matter […]