A wood-fired Thanksgiving

I am as a-religious as it is possible to be. Although I’m Jewish, I don’t believe in God, don’t go to temple, and don’t even understand what spirituality means. Still, there are two Jewish holidays that I like to mark: Passover and Yom Kippur. They are about freedom and atonement, respectively, and I think there’s […]

Our third annual turkey slaughter

We slaughtered the turkeys this past Sunday, but the plans began months ago. This past summer, about a week after I’d written a piece about our pigs for the Huffington Post, I got an e-mail from Beth Krauss. Beth does PR for Whole Foods Market, and her focus is on the meat department. Whole Foods […]

Dead bird walking

We are within 24 hours of solving the Turkey Problem. The Turkey Problem started in May, when we got a lone poult, of indeterminate breeding, from a clutch of a half-dozen fertilized eggs we bought from a local guy. Our trusty Buff Orpington hen, Queenie, did her level best, but she wasn’t able to manage […]

Other people’s turkeys

I spent three days in California this week, talking turkey with a long-haired, tattooed, easy-going Dutch guy named Theo Weening. Theo is the global meat buyer for Whole Foods Market, and he and his team invited me (and Elissa Altman, of Poor Man’s Feast, who will, from here on in, be at as many of […]