2014: The calorie retrospective

Back in 2012, Kevin and I set a goal of getting 20.12% — OK, call it 20% — of our calories from what we grew, hunted, fished, and gathered. I kept a monthly tally and added it up at the end of the year. It was an interesting exercise. We did it because, the previous […]

Trolling all the way to the Bank

We knew it was a long shot. Kevin and I are determined, this year, to catch a bluefin tuna. We caught one once before, two years ago, but we didn’t really catch it. Our friend Jon took us out on his boat, with his know-how, and his equipment, and we caught one. It was exciting, […]

Gearing up

This year, we’re going for tuna. Bluefin tuna. Yes, Kevin and I have caught tuna fever. It’s tempting to blame our friend Jon, who, out of the blue, invited us on what turned out to be a successful tuna fishing trip. But tuna is big around here, and we spend a lot of time with […]

Here’s to tuna

I must be living right. That’s the only possible explanation for finding this, from a complete stranger named Jon, in my  e-mail one morning a few weeks back: Hello Tamar, I have been reading your blog now for about a year with great interest and amusement. I do not know how I ran across the […]

Sushi. Tuna sushi.

I’m just going to come out and say it. We caught a bluefin tuna. I use the term “caught” loosely. We reeled the fish in, but that never would have happened without the kindness — not to mention expertise and equipment — of strangers. There’s a story about catching that tuna, and it involves new friends, exciting adventure, […]