Transmission accomplished

Last week we went to the Cape Cod Organic Gardeners’ annual potluck. I’m surprised they still let us come, since our commitment to organic gardening lasts only until we see bugs in the collard greens, but they don’t seem to hold that against us. One of the members had brought a brochure for a workshop […]

Chalk one up for the hayseeds

It was just a couple weeks ago that I was writing an if-the-shoe-fits post about becoming a pick-up truck driver. I decided I was okay with it. Now I’m more okay with it. We’re on Long Island, because Kevin’s family’s annual Christmas party was conveniently scheduled to coincide with the biggest blizzard Long Island has […]

I am my car

My mother and brother, between them, can probably quote more of the Western poetry canon than any other two people east of the Mississippi. They are both careful, critical readers, and are congenitally endowed with the kind of memory that puts every word read into permanent storage. I inherited neither the familial affinity for poetry […]