The Tree Stooges strike again

There are sights that strike fear into a wife’s heart, and many too many of them involve a truck, a rope, and a tree. This particular incident had been brewing for quite some time. It dates back to our purchase of a relatively large boat, and a commensurately large truck. Together, they pushed the limits […]

Kevin’s big tow

Yesterday we took the new boat for her inaugural sea trial. She did beautifully, which was to be expected since she’s a lovely boat and her previous owner maintained her meticulously. The big test wasn’t when the boat was in the water. It was getting her to the water, into the water, out of the […]

Kevin, home alone

I’ve always been easy to understand. Your first impression of me is guaranteed to be absolutely accurate simply because I have no way of camouflaging my blunderbuss of a personality. I mean what I say and I say what I mean not because I see any particular virtue in it, but because I am temperamentally […]


Buying boats is like playing leapfrog. You buy a boat, and you have to buy a truck to pull it. You buy a truck and then, one day, it occurs to you that your truck could pull a bigger boat. You want a bigger boat – you always want a bigger boat – so you […]

The end of Spring Break

It started in the last week of May, with the Land Rover. We had friends over, and we decided to go to the Four Seas for ice cream after dinner. The Rover, a 1970 model, is our usual ice-cream vehicle, both because we can fit six people in it and because it just seems right […]