A plumber’s trade

Our introduction to our plumber’s sportsman side came when he installed a tankless water heater for us, about a year and a half ago. We’d only had the house for a few months when the seventies-era water heater, which we’d been warned about during the home inspection, crapped out. Enter Bob, the plumber recommended by […]

A tale of roe

Thanks to our trailer mishap, our boat is now anchored in our backyard; it may be the largest boat ever to grace the waters of our 110-acre pond. The fishermen who motor by, casting for bass, point and laugh, like it was the Queen Mary or something. Since it was in the water, Kevin figured […]

Ice fishing: trout or death

I never thought I’d be talked into an activity where the upside is dinner and the downside is drowning, or maybe hypothermia, but yesterday found me gingerly walking out on our frozen pond, ice fishing gear in hand. Let me be clear from the get-go: this was my husband’s idea. From the morning, some time […]