It takes a fish to catch a fish

The mackerel are going to leave any day now, and I will be sorry to see them go. For the last six weeks they’ve been schooling in Cape Cod Bay, about a mile or two outside the channel that leads into Barnstable Harbor. And I’m guessing we’ve caught at least 200 of them.  Although I […]

What I did with a dead fish

It was about a week ago that I posted a fish-frame APB.  What on earth, I wondered, could I do with all the striped bass carcasses Kevin and I were left with after we stripped them of their filets. And you responded with characteristic resourcefulness and ingenuity. After reading all your suggestions, it was clear […]

All fishing, all the time

There are a lot of things that need doing around here. A garden to be prepared, seeds to be planted, bees to be fed, oyster cages to be set up, a turkey pen to be repaired. There are greens to be blanched and frozen, boats to be cleaned and put up for sale, a house […]

First fish of the year!

Yesterday, Kevin and I went fishing. Although we’d gone a couple of times before, it wasn’t in earnest because we knew the fish weren’t there yet. Yesterday, we knew the striped bass were in Barnstable Harbor, and we were determined to catch us a couple. We went out to the head of the channel, about […]

Can you freeze striped bass?

It was probably round about when we caught our third keeper striper, earlier this season, that I reversed my long-standing policy of not freezing fish. Home freezing invariably damages food. As the food freezes, the water in it expands and breaks the cell walls. The slower the freezing, the worse the damage, and your average […]