Let there be strawberries

It was last spring that we decided that we couldn’t, on a sun-challenged property, waste the sunny spot right in front of our house on a table and chairs. We opted for full-frontal gardening, and built two raised beds where the patio furniture used to be. Those of you who visit this space regularly know […]

Berried alive

In the nutrition world, fruits and vegetables get lumped together all the time. They’re the things that are good for you, the things you’re supposed to eat more of. They occupy the same tier on the food pyramid, the same section of the grocery store, the same place in dieticians’ hearts. Fruits and vegetables are […]

Making the bed

I’ve never been much of a bed-maker. It seems silly to spend a lot of time on fixing the sheets and blankets when only Kevin and I will see the bed from morning until night, when we just mess it up again. If I make it at all, I tend to try and get rid […]