How, and why, to open a coconut

It’s easy to get blasé in Florida. Once you’ve been there about fifteen minutes, you’re like “Blah blah pelicans, yadda yadda manatees. Sunshine sunshine blah yadda mangoes. Golf.” The state is there to help Americans relax, and that’s why Kevin and I spent a couple of months visiting. And not just any couple of months, […]

Starving, my foot

Self-sufficiency, even the tepid, amateur type Kevin and I practice, has lots of disadvantages. You have to get up early, do heavy work, subject yourself to the vicissitudes of nature, and get used to having insects absolutely everywhere. You eat a diet heavy on kale and light on mangoes. You’re a slave to your heavy […]

Starving into 2010

Character outs early. I was a stubborn, obnoxious baby, bent on having my own way. My mother, a sensible woman, made the decision early on that, in the interest of peace, she should give me as much autonomy as it was possible to give to a child who couldn’t walk yet. And so it was, […]