Because I’ve spent what we’ve had of spring fretting about my garden, mishandling my seedlings, and grousing about my soil, a piece of news slipped under the radar. We bought another boat. If you’ve been following this space, you know we already had enough boats to make a raft of armada jokes possible, so you’re […]

Blaming my tools

The list of my personal faults is long and varied. I could give you that list, but it’s always been my policy to let people figure it out for themselves. No point in handing out a roadmap. But even those who have plumbed the list’s depths (my husband, my mother, and anyone who’s ever employed […]

A tine to heal

If you spend any time at all raking clams, you will, inevitably, lose a tine. Maybe you hit a rock, maybe just a big clam, maybe regular use loosens an imperfect weld. Tines break, and when you don’t have all your tines you can’t clam as efficiently, so it behooves you to get them fixed. […]