A couple weeks back, Hurricane Earl gave us a scare. It threatened our coastline, so we battened our hatches. The storm ended up weakening and veering out to sea, so all it did was down branches, rattle windows, and disorient the poultry. But Earl worked wonders for the shiitake mushrooms. Our logs had been more […]

Use the force

We’ve had dribs and drabs of shiitake mushrooms over the last six months. We got a few last fall, which was unexpected, since we only inoculated the logs last spring. We got another one or two mushrooms over the winter, and a couple small flushes this spring. I was pretty happy with the way things […]

Shroom bloom

We were headed up our driveway this morning when Kevin stopped the car. He started backing up, and I thought he’d forgotten something. But then he stopped again, and pointed out my window. I looked, and saw our azalea, densely packed with pinky-purple blossoms. Just yesterday it was green. All over town, colors are popping. […]