The last word on lobster rolls

Here’s something I don’t get. What’s all the fuss about lobster rolls? People argue endlessly about how to make the perfect lobster roll and which restaurants serve the perfect lobster roll and what’s the essence of the perfect lobster roll, and I just don’t get it. I understand the fuss about making the perfect pizza, […]

The enigmatic lobster

When we first put out our lobster pots, back in May, we had a couple of good lobstering trips that netted a couple of good lobsters. Then we had two lousy trips, one with my brother and his wife and one with my mother, from which we came back empty-handed. The only reasonable conclusion, I […]

Prey for me

Everything we do has an effort-to-payoff ratio, which I pay close attention to. The lower the E:P ratio – that is, the lower the effort and the higher the payoff – the happier I am. If it’s too high, I’m inclined to quit. Low enough, and I consider doing it professionally. Sea salt anchors the […]

While I was out

As my regular readers (both of them!) know, our lobster pots have been languishing at the bottom of Cape Cod Bay for over a month. We’ve been prevented from retrieving them by a combination of bad luck, cowardice (mine), and an inexorable north wind. Yesterday morning was a window of opportunity and, since I’m in […]

Pot luck

Yesterday, we checked our lobster pots for the first time. The day before, though, we tried to check our lobster pots for the first time. We consulted the weather forecast in the morning, and it looked like the wind, which was blowing out of the north at about eight knots, was going to pick up […]