Ice fishing

Fishing in my sleep

We’ve been ice fishing for about a week now, and I’m happy to report that our trout harvest has already quadrupled our previous record, set two years ago. I’m less happy to report that our previous record, set two years ago, was one. One rainbow trout. Last winter we were skunked altogether, but that’s not […]

Felony angling

I find, to my surprise, that I’m feeling less cranky about winter. Maybe it’s because the days are getting longer, so I’m getting more sunshine. Maybe it’s because it’s about to be February, which means we’re only 28 days away from its being about to be spring. Maybe it’s because I’ve decided to throw economy […]

Ice “fishing”

Ice fishing is an activity in which you risk your life by venturing out on ice which may or may not be strong enough to bear your weight, hack at the ice right under your feet with an ax to make a hole, bait and set a gizmo called a tip-up, and sit outside in […]

Ice fishing: trout or death

I never thought I’d be talked into an activity where the upside is dinner and the downside is drowning, or maybe hypothermia, but yesterday found me gingerly walking out on our frozen pond, ice fishing gear in hand. Let me be clear from the get-go: this was my husband’s idea. From the morning, some time […]