The half-year harvest

We’re at the year’s halfway point, a reasonable time to check in our goal of getting 20.12% of our 2012 calories first-hand. Let me preface this by reminding you that the first half of year necessarily includes the first quarter, in which virtually nothing edible is harvested. Although the second quarter sees some excellent fishing, […]

The May harvest

May was a very good month. We’d been limping along, harvesting eggs and greens, just waiting for the food-procuring season to start in earnest. And now, it has. Here’s our May caloric harvest: 90 lbs. striped bass filets @ 400 calories per pound: 36,000 8 lbs. bluefish filets @ 550 per pound: 4400 1 lb. […]

The April harvest: It’s not easy having greens

Those of you who have even a passing familiarity with what we do here know that I am a crappy gardener. I have grown bitter collards, anaemic snow peas, wormy cabbages, and, perhaps most notably, watery giant squash – and that’s just above the ground! Look below, and you’ll find I hold the world’s record […]

The March harvest

March is the cruelest month. Oh, wait … In any case, March is a terrible month for harvesting. I have lots of things that look promising for April, but what I have for March is eggs. Eighteen dozen eggs (we’ve got one fewer chicken, since an unfortunate incident early in the month). Other than that, […]

The February harvest

Those of you playing along at home know that Kevin and I are trying to get 20% of our total caloric needs first-hand this year. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s almost twice the 11% we got last year. This month, like last, the biggest contributor was eggs. We got even more […]