A-hunting we will go

Deer season opens on Monday. Or rather, that’s when the shotgun season starts. Archery season is already open, but I’m not even close to being able to go out with a bow and arrow. Unfortunately, I don’t even feel close to going out with a shotgun. My shotgun is a 20 gauge Remington 870 with […]

Practice, practice

Our timing could be better. Kevin and I are no spring chickens. We’re much closer to doddering antiquity than robust youth, and middle age is not the best time to adopt a lifestyle that requires both A) learning and B) physical exertion. The older you get, the harder those two things become. The physical exertion […]


If you’ve got an idea that gun owners are rock-ribbed, red-necked good old boys who chew tobacco and eschew outsiders, you need to visit the Bass River Rod and Gun Club.  I did, yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kevin’s experience with gun clubs wasn’t promising. He’d shot at clubs in Connecticut and on […]

Forty-seven today

I think it says something about the completeness with which I have settled into my new lifestyle that, for my birthday, I got a crewcut and a shotgun. Okay, it’s not quite a crewcut. Kathy, at Salon in the Mills, gave me about five haircuts over the space of an hour. Each, obviously, was shorter […]

How the other half thinks

Everyone should have to spend time in a room full of people who take, as an article of faith, a position opposite to that which you have taken as an article of faith all your life. In this case, the article of faith is gun control, and the room full of people was the basement […]