Practice, practice

Our timing could be better. Kevin and I are no spring chickens. We’re much closer to doddering antiquity than robust youth, and middle age is not the best time to adopt a lifestyle that requires both A) learning and B) physical exertion. The older you get, the harder those two things become. The physical exertion […]


If you’ve got an idea that gun owners are rock-ribbed, red-necked good old boys who chew tobacco and eschew outsiders, you need to visit the Bass River Rod and Gun Club.  I did, yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kevin’s experience with gun clubs wasn’t promising. He’d shot at clubs in Connecticut and on […]

Forty-seven today

I think it says something about the completeness with which I have settled into my new lifestyle that, for my birthday, I got a crewcut and a shotgun. Okay, it’s not quite a crewcut. Kathy, at Salon in the Mills, gave me about five haircuts over the space of an hour. Each, obviously, was shorter […]