It’s gun season

We should all age as well as firearms. The basic operation of firearms hasn’t changed in the eight hundred years or so we’ve had them, and the principle is beautifully simple. The pressure created by burning propellant pushes a projectile through a tube. That’s it. Over those eight hundred years, the propellant has changed (although […]

All’s fair

Ah, spring! The weather warms, the robins return, the crocuses poke their little heads up through the soil. The cycle of life begins anew and all thoughts turn to … hunting ethics. I blame Tovar. He started it, in a post at A Mindful Carnivore about wounding animals. Every hunter I know believes it is […]

My first duck hunt

There are just about two weeks left in duck season and, after that, hunting opportunities are limited to things like crows and squirrels. Over the weekend, I did some serious groveling, trying to get an experienced duck hunter to take me along. While my groveling may pay off before the season’s out, I just couldn’t […]

Hunting lessons

Deer hunting season has been over for three hours now, and we have to chalk this year up to experience. No deer, but something of an education. We learned about how, where, and when to look for deer, and what we should smell like while we’re doing it. We learned about deer blinds and tree […]