Every other Friday

Every Other Friday: Chop chop!

I’m probably never going to catch my own swordfish and damn good thing, too. I’ve discovered that one of the problems with first-hand food is that, if you can fish, hunt, gather, or grow it yourself, you become reluctant to buy it from other people. Even though I won’t be getting shiitakes for a couple […]

A search for meaning

We’ve been experimenting with ravioli. It started with one of those little rollers you use to cut pasta. We found it at a garage sale, and it looked home-made – a charming wooden handle with a hand-cut disk of wood for a blade. It cost all of fifty cents. Fifty cents! A small price to […]

Eggs in lobster spaetzle, with asparagus

It was Every Other Friday, on Saturday, and Kevin made lobster spaetzle.  He got a 2 1/2 pound lobster, cooked it and removed the meat.  He made a stock with the shells, and then a sauce with the stock — and butter, and cream.  That, with the cut-up meat, went over his home-made spaetzle.  On […]

Every Other Friday: Samosagate

Friday evening plans made us move our Every Other Friday to Thursday, and it was my turn. I happened to have some ground lamb in the refrigerator, and it was calling out for Indian. The Every Other Friday rule is that we have to try something we’ve never cooked before, and I decided to attempt […]