Cannibal in the coop

We have an egg problem. Production has dropped to just one or two eggs a day. At first, we thought it was just that the chickens are molting. Then we realized we had an egg-eater. We occasionally found a broken egg in the nest box, but we put it down to accident. These things happen. […]

The chickens in winter

When the cold weather set in a couple months back, we knew what to expect. Our chickens would need more calories to be able to keep themselves warm, so we gave them corn and seeds mixed with fat. They’d need water that wasn’t frozen, so we brought their two waterers indoors in shifts. They’d need […]

The pay-to-lay system

It was our first agricultural business transaction. The last time we bought chicken feed, the nice people at Cape Feed and Supply told us they happily sell their customers’ eggs to other customers, who happily buy them. For every dozen we bring in, we get a $2. store credit. They sell the eggs for $3.99, […]

Baked-good riddance

I’ve got an egg problem. We’re overrun with them, but that’s not the problem, as we have lots of egg-eating friends. The problem is that they’re bringing a very serious character flaw of mine out in the open for all to see. Eggs don’t just sit on the counter, waiting patiently to be eaten poached, […]

Picking up chicks

Kevin’s wanted chickens almost since the day we moved here, but it’s taken me a while to come ‘round. We don’t eat that many eggs – maybe two dozen a month, which is a little more than the output of one hen. If you’re going to keep chickens, you need at least four, so we’d […]