Imprinters’ union

I’m not taking to the ducks, and I think it’s because the ducks aren’t taking to me. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t get ducks for unconditional love. I don’t want to bond with my livestock. But I want them to be able to cohabit comfortably with us for the nine weeks they’ll be […]

Water, water, everywhere

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “like a duck to water.” You’ve probably even used it, when you discovered, say, that your kid likes the beach or your husband enjoys woodworking. But you don’t know the half of it unless you’ve actually seen a duck take to water. We’ve had our six Pekin ducklings for two […]

Make way for ducklings

The first year we moved to Cape Cod, we got chickens. The second year, surprised and encouraged by our success, we considered all kinds of additions to the barnyard, from rabbits to pigs. To make sure we didn’t overextend, we made a rule: one new species per year. Then we got bees and turkeys. In […]

Duck, duck, goose egg

The essence of hunting, I’m beginning to think, is figuring out how animals know you’re trying to kill them. Leave the house without a gun, and the creatures of the earth ignore you. They go about their creature business without regard for your proximity, noise, or smell. Go out with a firearm and murderous intent, […]

My first duck hunt

There are just about two weeks left in duck season and, after that, hunting opportunities are limited to things like crows and squirrels. Over the weekend, I did some serious groveling, trying to get an experienced duck hunter to take me along. While my groveling may pay off before the season’s out, I just couldn’t […]