Tovar Cerulli and mindful carnivorousness

Charles Murray’s new book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is about the vast and growing difference between the top and bottom echelons of our society. The highly educated elite live in a kind of a bubble, sharing less and less in the way of values and experience with those on the lower […]

Don’t hunt and think

Let’s talk about hunting philosophy. Let’s use, as a jumping-off point, a piece on yesterday’s New York Times op-ed page by a man named Seamus McGraw. You can read it for yourself, but if you’re not inclined, I can pass along the important bits. The piece is a justification both of deer hunting, and of […]

Hunt and wool-gather

Hang out with hunters and you’ll hear it, probably sooner than later: If you need to kill in order to have a successful hunt, you’re not a hunter, you’re a killer. Being in the woods, the reasoning goes, is an end in itself. You learn the animal’s habits and habitat. You learn how to make […]

A Hunter’s Do-Re-Mi

DO, a deer, a female deer. RE is what I have of hope. MI, at dawn, my rifle’s here. FA, I can shoot with my scope. SO I think I hear her, coming soon! Oh-La-LA what a gargantuan raccoon. TI, it stand for try: this afternoon I’ll be back again for DO, DO, DO, DO.

Gear hunting

The urge to acquire must be hard-coded in us. I’m not overly susceptible to the Siren Song of Stuff – sloth and gluttony are my vices of choice – but I’m not deaf, either. I heard the call this morning, when, for the first time in months, maybe years, I had to go stuff shopping. […]