All death, all the time

Animals always want to do dangerous stuff. Cats want to prowl the woods at night. Dogs want to stick their heads waaaaaay out the window. Pigs want to break out of their pens and explore a major street (trust me on this one). And chickens? Chickens want to be out in the fresh air and […]

Taking the cure

It’s almost two weeks since we slaughtered the pigs, and only now is everything under control, thanks to the miracle that is the household freezer. The fresh cuts – chops, roasts, tenderloins – have been distributed to their recipients (we raised Doc and Tiny for friends, and Spot for us). The remaining bits and pieces […]

Pigs to pork

And we’re done. It was a very long, very hard day, made possible only by the help of generous, competent, hard-working friends, but the pigs are now hanging in a cooler, awaiting butchering. I’ll be writing the story of the slaughter for my Washington Post series, so I’m not going to go into detail here. […]

The pigs’ last days

11/26 Update: We’ve turned off the StyCam, but you can still read all the pig posts on the Pig page. It’s time. This is the week we slaughter the pigs. After looking at all the options, we decided to go with what was our first choice from the beginning: we’re doing it at home. It’s […]