Dandelion wine


I’m not much a of a planner. There are no to-do lists in my life. There are no schedules. There is no time management. There is only triage. Anything that doesn’t absolutely, positively, have to happen today gets the put-off. The extent to which this is a problem is in direct proportion to the number […]

A wine tasting

It was time. Last May, we made our very first batch of dandelion wine. Up until then, the only fermenting I’d ever done was accidental, a result of leaving fruit juice, or black beans, or cooked barley sitting in the refrigerator too long. As this was our first attempt at deliberate fermentation, we followed the […]

Wine from a stone

We’ve been had. We’re in the process of making dandelion wine, using Euell Gibbons’ recipe. It’s a simple procedure: 1.  Pour one gallon of boiling water over one gallon of dandelion flowers. Steep for three days. 2.  Strain out the flowers, and add a small piece of chopped ginger, the zest and juice of three […]

Turning water into wine — using weeds

Flowers are good. Wine is good. In between, though, it gets downright disgusting. We’ve been waiting for dandelion season ever since our friends Dan and Linda first brought us a bottle of their dandelion wine. We were fully prepared to take a sip, smile politely, and tell them how good it was. And we did […]