Dandelion wine


I’m not much a of a planner. There are no to-do lists in my life. There are no schedules. There is no time management. There is only triage. Anything that doesn’t absolutely, positively, have to happen today gets the put-off. The extent to which this is a problem is in direct proportion to the number […]

A wine tasting

It was time. Last May, we made our very first batch of dandelion wine. Up until then, the only fermenting I’d ever done was accidental, a result of leaving fruit juice, or black beans, or cooked barley sitting in the refrigerator too long. As this was our first attempt at deliberate fermentation, we followed the […]

Wine from a stone

We’ve been had. We’re in the process of making dandelion wine, using Euell Gibbons’ recipe. It’s a simple procedure: 1.  Pour one gallon of boiling water over one gallon of dandelion flowers. Steep for three days. 2.  Strain out the flowers, and add a small piece of chopped ginger, the zest and juice of three […]