The survivor

Today, as I was cleaning up the kitchen and Kevin was outside cleaning out the boat, I heard a cry. At first I thought he’d hurt his back again, but the “Honey, can you come here?” didn’t seem to be infused with that note of excruciating pain. I walked outside. “You’ve got to see this,” […]

Crustacean identification redux

Jonah or rock crab? After whether we should send more troops to Afghanistan, that seems to be the question of the hour. Rick weighed in on the last post, agreeing with my husband. He claimed authoritatively that our crabs were the Atlantic rock crab, otherwise known as the peekytoe. Since there’s argument about whether a […]

While I was out

As my regular readers (both of them!) know, our lobster pots have been languishing at the bottom of Cape Cod Bay for over a month. We’ve been prevented from retrieving them by a combination of bad luck, cowardice (mine), and an inexorable north wind. Yesterday morning was a window of opportunity and, since I’m in […]