How to cook clams

Since we moved to Cape Cod, I’ve learned a lot about clams. They were my first, and remain my most dependable, source of self-procured animal protein, and I figure Kevin and I have harvested at least fifty pecks since we got here. A peck is ten quarts, so that’s enough for even the slowest of […]

Turn, turn, turn

It happens every time. Kevin and I actually leave our home and take a trip somewhere. We visit friends, or stay in a hotel. We eat at unfamiliar restaurants and check out the local attractions. We have a good time. We like this place! And then, inevitably, we start looking at real estate. Not because […]

Shell out!

The controversy is raging, and I need your help. It all started when my friend Chef John, uncharacteristically, made a mistake. John’s web site, Food Wishes, is a collection of extremely good recipes. They’re straightforward and easy to follow, familiar enough to be craveable, but with an interesting spin or variation. His videos are clear […]

A tine to heal

If you spend any time at all raking clams, you will, inevitably, lose a tine. Maybe you hit a rock, maybe just a big clam, maybe regular use loosens an imperfect weld. Tines break, and when you don’t have all your tines you can’t clam as efficiently, so it behooves you to get them fixed. […]