Goodbye, Cat

Today we put down our cat, Cat. She was seventeen, and her kidneys failed. For the last few days, she nested in a towel on a table on the porch, leaving it only to eat a few bites and pee on the floor. She didn’t appear to be acutely miserable, but she clearly wasn’t well. […]

Not dead yet

It’s been nigh-on two weeks of near-death experiences around here. First we had our sick chicken, Flopsy, who couldn’t seem to stand on her own two feet. Then we had my father, hospitalized with an EKG that looked like one of those seismic meters during an earthquake. Then the cat, who’s become decidedly indoorsy in […]

Winter entertainment

I worry that my animals are bored. What does a domesticated animal do all day? I understand the wild ones. They’re busy getting food, finding mates, rearing young, and attending Hunter Evasion classes. But pets and livestock have it easy. Food and water arrive on schedule. Mates, when necessary, are procured. Hunters are prohibited. What […]

Ask me if I care

What are the easiest animals to take care of? There’s a whole pantheon of childhood pets, from gerbils to goldfish, that require a minimum of care and live mercifully short lives. You probably had one, or more than one. But I can guarantee that my childhood pets were less work than yours. If there were […]