Friends don’t let friends can alone

It’s canning season. You know what that means, don’t you? It means that, all across the country, people are taking perfectly good fruit, cooking all the nutrition out of it, adding unconscionable amounts of sugar, and putting it in cute little jars. Count me in! It’s a sickness, canning. The lure of a pantry full […]

My week of pickling dangerously

I’ll eat anything pickled. Take the woodiest, stringiest vegetable – hell, take shoe leather – and soak it in brine for a while, and I’m fine with it. And since we seem to produce a lot of woody, stringy vegetables around here, pickling is the natural solution. First came the beets. While they weren’t the […]

My can-don’t attitude

It’s a sickness, canning. I recently went on record, in a cantankerous rant, as believing that freezing, for most applications, is a far better preserving technique than canning. Since then, I’ve become even more skeptical of preserving harvest bounty in little jars. So why can’t I stop doing it? I remember a conversation with my […]

Hatch battening

Hurricane warnings divide the world into two kinds of people: the prepared, and us. The prepared have a generator, purchased well before Home Depot ran out of them. They have batteries and bottled water, canned food and first aid kits, flashlights and radios. They’ve filled all their gas tanks, boarded up all their windows, secured […]

More on canning

More accurately, it should be “Moron canning,” in light of the fact that, before I start my next canning rant, I’m going to tell you the story of my crabapple jelly. It began weeks ago, when Kevin and I were invited to dinner at the home of our friends Julie and Greg. We had just […]