Fishing for glory

We fished in a tournament yesterday, and we lost. The tournament was the annual Ladies Shoal Troll, a benefit for breast cancer research. Only women can fish, although men can (and do) captain the boats. Kevin and I invited our friends Amy and Beth to come with us. This was a strategic maneuver. Amy owns […]

Zinc again

There are gaping holes in my knowledge of the world. History is probably the biggest and the most important. In the course of human existence, many, many important things happen about which I know nothing at all. A bunch of other things happened, about which I know a paltry little. There are only a few […]

Time off

It’s pretty astonishing that I’ve gone nearly fifty years on this earth without realizing that ‘vacation’ and ‘vacate’ have the same Latin root (vacare: to be empty, free, or at leisure). If you’d asked me, I probably would have sussed it out, but the connection never occurred to me until this weekend, when Kevin and […]

About a boat

If, like me, you are fascinated with cognitive neuroscience, you have undoubtedly been following the research on happiness. Basically, we’re learning that things we think will make us happy don’t, usually. New York Times columnist John Tierney is as taken with all this as I am, and he ran a little experiment a couple years […]