A venturing Fourth

The best way to make a tiny truck camper seem spacious and well-appointed is to spend the weekend on a 23-foot boat. That’s what Kevin and I did over the July 4th weekend, and we came home with a new appreciation of our camper’s amenities. We also came home happy and smelly, with a cooler […]

On sail

There are two kinds of sailboats I know a small something about. The first is the Sunfish, boat of my youth. I sort of learned to sail it, by trial and (mostly) error, as a kid, when my family vacationed lakeside, here on Cape Cod. The second is a frigate, circa 1800, which I learned […]

The varnishing point

In spring, pretty much everyone – me included – is talking about spring. But can we get serious about seasons for just a minute? Because, really, there are only two, neither of which is spring. There is Not Nearly Enough, and then there is Much Too Much. Because that is how the cycle of food […]

Fear itself

I’m suspicious of emotions. Always have been. Seems to me they’re more likely to make you say the wrong thing, date the wrong guy, or believe the wrong idea than they are to bring you joy, give you peace, or improve you in any way. The downside of anger, jealousy, and distress vastly outweighs the […]