Bunker mentality

Weirdly, not catching fish doesn’t necessarily make for bad fishing. I’ve been on lots of fishing trips where no fish were landed, yet a good time was had by all. A sunny day, congenial company, and the idea that you’re not home cleaning the bathroom or raking the leaves can make for a fine outing, […]

Rules to live by

Moral philosophy is a sticky wicket. While going through life behaving well isn’t so hard – most moral choices are straightforward – it’s very difficult to reduce “behaving well” to first principles. In general, I’d say I’m a greatest-good-for-the-greatest-number kind of girl, but I fully acknowledge the difficulty of such a far-reaching and enigmatic calculation. […]

There must be something in the water

No matter how you slice it, the main point of fishing is to catch fish. It’s all well and good to be out on a boat, with family and friends, on a beautiful day, engaging in a wholesome activity, communing with nature, and all that. But the god’s honest truth is that, without fish, fishing […]

What’s that smell?

I’m beginning to think the mark of authenticity is the mess. When I get a lobster in a restaurant, somebody else caught it, a different somebody cooked it, and the only mess I can make involves my shirtfront. (Okay, and my companions, and my hair, but that’s only because I’m a particularly exuberant lobster eater.) […]

Let it bleed?

If you’ve ever read anything about bluefish fishing, you’ll know that every single fishing authority, either legitimate or self-styled, professional or amateur, says that it’s critical to bleed a bluefish. You have to do this immediately, while the fish is still alive. If you don’t, they all say, your bluefish will taste fishy and nasty. […]