Berried alive

In the nutrition world, fruits and vegetables get lumped together all the time. They’re the things that are good for you, the things you’re supposed to eat more of. They occupy the same tier on the food pyramid, the same section of the grocery store, the same place in dieticians’ hearts. Fruits and vegetables are […]

Non compote mentis

Yesterday I burned the blueberry compote. I’d harvested all I could reach of our high-bush blueberries, which amounted to a meager half-cup. I didn’t have enough for compote, so I thought about going after the ones I couldn’t reach, but I decided that another handful of mediocre blueberries wasn’t worth risking life and limb. Instead, […]

Net loss

We have a beautiful, robust highbush blueberry plant growing right next to the garage, in plain sight. It’s hard to fathom that we went an entire season – last season – without realizing it. You’d think we would have noticed. I mean, it’s not like we don’t pay attention to food. Besides, the thing is […]