Rules to live by

Moral philosophy is a sticky wicket. While going through life behaving well isn’t so hard – most moral choices are straightforward – it’s very difficult to reduce “behaving well” to first principles. In general, I’d say I’m a greatest-good-for-the-greatest-number kind of girl, but I fully acknowledge the difficulty of such a far-reaching and enigmatic calculation. […]

Breaking asparagus news

I have made a startling discovery. Okay, it’s Kevin who made it, but I think our being the proverbial one flesh entitles me to take credit for his discoveries. It all started when Al and Christl went out of town. Starving regulars will know that Al and Christl are gardeners. Excellent gardeners. I’ve been on […]

Best trade ever

I’ve made some good trades in my day.  I routinely trade shellfish, smoked bluefish, and eggs for my friend Christl’s expertly grown vegetable seedlings.    We got venison in return for the use of one our shotguns, and a bottle of wine for a half-peck of clams.  I’ve gotten raspberries in return for chicken poop. But […]

Trading up

Yesterday morning I made the rounds, delivering packages of our home-caught, home-smoked bluefish to some of our friends. Three stops: Amanda, Doug and Dianne, Al and Christl. I was feeling all salty and heroic, bestowing little bags of beautiful peppered fillets on a few of our favorite people. Hah! The tables were turned. Here’s a […]