How To

How to cook clams

Since we moved to Cape Cod, I’ve learned a lot about clams. They were my first, and remain my most dependable, source of self-procured animal protein, and I figure Kevin and I have harvested at least fifty pecks since we got here. A peck is ten quarts, so that’s enough for even the slowest of […]

Kevin, home alone

I’ve always been easy to understand. Your first impression of me is guaranteed to be absolutely accurate simply because I have no way of camouflaging my blunderbuss of a personality. I mean what I say and I say what I mean not because I see any particular virtue in it, but because I am temperamentally […]

How to deep-fry an egg

First, get a Fry Baby. A Fry Baby is the world’s smallest deep fryer, and we got ours at a Yankee swap hosted by our friends Tommy and Ali, for which all the guests were instructed to bring something that’s been lying around the house for ages but never used. We brought a platter we’d […]

The black art of bluefish

  Uncertainty is the mother of superstition, and getting food first-hand – farming or fishing, hunting or gathering – is maddeningly uncertain. Hunters, in the absence of a sure-fire way to find deer, swear by lucky hats or rabbit sightings. In the quest for consistent harvests, biodynamic gardeners harness cosmic-astral influences by burying chamomile-stuffed cow […]

My week of pickling dangerously

I’ll eat anything pickled. Take the woodiest, stringiest vegetable – hell, take shoe leather – and soak it in brine for a while, and I’m fine with it. And since we seem to produce a lot of woody, stringy vegetables around here, pickling is the natural solution. First came the beets. While they weren’t the […]