How To

How to smoke a trout

We didn’t buy our house with food in mind. It was only after we moved into it that we started thinking in terms of dinner. And so we put in a garden, we got chickens, and we built a hoophouse. There was one food, though, that came with the place. We live on a 110-acre […]

How to render lard

I have long held that, were I required to limit my lifelong meat consumption to just one animal, it would have to be the pig. If I could have only one more meal of meat, it would be lamb, but a pig’s versatility makes it the premier eating animal. Spare ribs! Tenderloin! Bacon! Raising my […]

Stocked up

One of the kitchen maxims around here – up there with ‘you can never have too many bowls’ and ‘everything’s better with preserved pork products’ – is ‘never throw away a bone.’ When we have guests, and chicken, I turn my back to the table as I clear the plates, in the hopes that no […]

Major leekage

Yesterday we pulled the winter vegetables out of the hoophouse and, in a fit of starry-eyed optimism, planted melons. Yes, my friends, Kevin and I are going to try to grow cantaloupes and watermelons right here on Cape Cod. In our sandy soil, and our humid climate. With a skill set that still has me […]

How to build a $40. cold frame in 10 seconds

It sometimes feels like Starving is an exercise in which Kevin thinks of things and I write them down. Those of you who follow this space know that he is the mastermind behind the chicken coop and the sabiki rod, the turkey pen and the chicken plucker. Also, the stump pulling, the less said about […]