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All’s fair

Ah, spring! The weather warms, the robins return, the crocuses poke their little heads up through the soil. The cycle of life begins anew and all thoughts turn to … hunting ethics. I blame Tovar. He started it, in a post at A Mindful Carnivore about wounding animals. Every hunter I know believes it is […]

Going BRO-K

It’s a mystery to me why anyone who actually knows something about gardening would bother following my misadventures here, but there is nevertheless evidence that I have an extremely well-informed readership. When I posted about testing my soil, the Starving commentariat weighed in with suggestions about raised beds, soil amendments, and no-dig techniques – complete […]

Felony angling

I find, to my surprise, that I’m feeling less cranky about winter. Maybe it’s because the days are getting longer, so I’m getting more sunshine. Maybe it’s because it’s about to be February, which means we’re only 28 days away from its being about to be spring. Maybe it’s because I’ve decided to throw economy […]

Our thanks giving

For the entire week before Turkey Doomsday, their imminent death was all I could think of whenever I checked on the turkeys. “Dead bird walking,” Kevin would say. And then, “Eat, eat!” The day before their appointment with the Cone of Silence, we took their feed away. As a consequence, they were abnormally vocal and […]


Back when my parents lived in Manhattan, they had no outdoor space – no patio, no balcony, not even a fire escape. This was a problem, because they enjoy grilling. No, that’s not really true. They don’t enjoy grilling per se. They enjoy eating grilled food, and grilling is the only way to reliably produce […]