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  1. Accidental Mick says:

    I do simpathise with Kevin – his choice is very satisfying. I once built two bean wigwams from poles I’d coppiced from a sweet chesnut at the end of the garden I was very proud. They lasted a year. I replaced them with two lengths of galvanised gas pipe salvaged from the local refuse tip. That was still standing when we moved out seven years later.

  2. There’s a way to split lengths of bamboo into very pliable strips that when water soaked become very strong tying material. I saw it on a PBS program which recreated a wooden bridge being built using ancient techniques.

    The man who prepped the canes used a cleaver on long lengths of bamboo and braced the unwieldy length with his foot to keep the cut going.

  3. Judy, that’s the kind of technique I admire from a distance, because a zip tie is so much easier. But I will admit to being a big fan of all the crazy things you can do with bamboo.

    When it comes right down to it, though, I’m more in Mick’s camp …

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