The state of the garden

It’s a beautiful day, today is. Sunny, calm, and just warm enough. Which means I have to garden.


For the last couple of weeks, Kevin has been working all day, every day. First thing in the morning, he has coffee and catches up on the news, and then heads out to get things done. He built an entire shed inside a week. Okay, he had help from his friend Dave, but still. A shed. In a week.

He has amended the soil in the garden, the raised beds, the hoophouse, the raspberries, and around the fig trees. He has built a tomato trellis that, come Armageddon, will still be standing. He has reassembled our hydroponic system. He has mulched the potatoes and staked the snap peas. He has begun to move all the gardening supplies from the hoophouse and the garage into the shed. Which he built. In a week.

And what have I been doing all this time? Primarily, patting myself on the back for having chosen a husband so very wisely.

Kevin deploys what are arguably the two most powerful weapons in getting things done – ingenuity and industry – in getting things done around here. But he also practices patience and forbearance in dealing with a wife who, although she can hold her own in the ingenuity department, shows a serious deficit when it comes to industry. Armchair ingenuity is just not all that helpful, particularly when it takes the form of constructive suggestions to improve what the industry of her husband hath wrought. A supervisory role is not what’s called for.

“Hey, you missed a spot!”

I haven’t been completely useless. I cleaned out the chicken coop (which we do once a year and, every year, I marvel that a box with a year’s worth of chicken poop doesn’t smell), built a little herb garden in what used to be the strawberries’ raised bed, and tried to even out the floor in the hoophouse where the rats tunneled underneath. And I planted a few things.

Still, I haven’t been keeping up my end. My excuse, and it’s not a very good one, is that Kevin likes to garden. But no one likes to shovel three yards of wood chips around the shed and the chicken coop, even on a beautiful day like today, so I better go help him. And not just in a supervisory role.

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  1. Wow, SHED. that is impressive… most impressive.

    Call me crazy, but I love all that garden work. I was recently knocked out for a week with asthma and bronchitis, and come the weekend was thrilled my husband let me sit in the dirt in the vegetable garden for a half hour and weed.

    My biggest problem is inertia. I can and will work like a fiend in the garden and lose track of time, but it’s the starting part that’s hard for me, especially when, for instance, I’ve had to neglect things for a while and the crabgrass and false strawberry and what have ye have taken full advantage. Once I start going, though, I’m glad I have Mulch Boy or else I’d keep going till the sun went down, wondering why I’m so tired and surprised (yet again) that I’ve burned myself to a crisp in the sun.

  2. Ah that shot of the shed and coop and tomatoes and hoophouse looks like a slice of heaven. You’ve created a legit homestead. A close friend of mine just moved into a property with a mini orchard and raised beds- taking a trip to the nursery with her is an exercise in Zen restraint for me. I just have to accept that I don’t have nearly the amount of space, soil, OR sun, so have to content myself to 1 tomato plant for every 5 she buys. I think my generation is going to fetishize land the way people used to drool over fancy cars and jewels.

  3. Whoops, that comment kind of turned into a wah-waahhhh poor-me lament when what I really wanted to say was “HOLY MOLY the place is looking amazing! Good job!!”

  4. Amazing shed. Great job kudos for Kevin. As for the hoophouse, chicken coop, and the rest – Wow. You folks have been hard at it and it shows. Great job kudos to Kevin and Tamar. I know you always feel like so much else needs to be done, but you have done an amazing job of it already. If, like me, you suffer so much from the “I have to do this, that, that there and this other project needs some time…” to such a degree that you don’t see what you already did, then take a minute and look around you. I only wish I was doing as well. I think I have re sults envy. So let me close by telling you what i tell myself “Devil that. It’s done. Get on with the rest of the work while you don’t need a flashlight.”

  5. Glad you guys like the shed! I like it too.

    Greg, I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s so much easier to see what you still have to do than what you have already done. Or, in my case, what Kevin has already done.

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