Vacation Update IV: Not slacking! Honest!

We are not yet home.  This is partly because the interminable series of snowstorms that has hit Cape Cod has set back our bathroom renovation, being done in our absence.  You’ll agree that we can’t go home until we have a working toilet.

But it is also partly because we didn’t think we could be so close to Savannah and not stop by to check it out.  That is where we are now, and we’ll be staying for a week.  I want you to understand, though, that this isn’t, strictly speaking, a vacation.  Kevin and I both have portable jobs, and we have simply ported them to Savannah.  He is trading, and I am writing.

To prove it, I will you point you in the direction of a piece I have over at the Huffington Post.  I’m sure most of you saw that report that found about a third of fish in restaurants and markets was mislabeled.  I did, too, and I decided, what with being on vacation and all (okay, it’s still kinda vacation), I had time to read the whole report.  When you read the whole report, you find out that the scary headlines are overblown. Way overblown. But you don’t have to read the whole report — you can get away with reading my synopsis.

But back to my vacation.  Those of you who’ve been following Starving for a while may know that, although I have a perfectly legitimate excuse to not be at home right now, I also have a much less legitimate one — I hate March on Cape Cod. There’s no fishing yet, there’s no spring greenery, and it’s still way too cold.  And it goes on forever. The joke here is that the Cape Cod calendar goes: January, February, March, March, March, June.

At least now I know what to expect.  That first year, though, it took me by surprise: The Long March.

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  1. please make sure to take a trip to to favorite places: Tybee Island (and if you find yourself there, be sure to stop at Hucapoo’s and the Jitterbug, an unlikely hotbed of WordPress activity due to being owned by the one and only Jane Wells. If you go, pick up my kickstarter perk and enjoy it). In Savannah, we loved the Savannah Candy Kitchen and made it a stop literally every night for a week.

  2. Steve and I honeymooned in Savannah over a short weekend (the real honeymoon was set for the following June for a couple of weeks in Germany) and I can’t recall anything we ate being very special but we did have a good time poking around Jere’s Antiques over by the river in the historic part of town (you can otherwise skip the waterfront tourist trap). Jere’s is in a huge old warehouse and consists of several floors of all kinds of stuff, mostly furniture) jammed in cheek by jowl. We bought a small end table there, which I still really like.

    I sure wish I could point you at some good food, but back in 2001 we knew nothing about how to find it. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

  3. That seems a lot like the calendar here in WI. I’m getting spring fever something fierce. I even bought seeds a few weeks ago even though we’re getting snow almost everyday, we don’t plant anything in the ground until Memorial Day weekend, and I can’t even start seeds in milk jugs until the end of March. Even knowing that, the only thing that kept me to six packets was that I remembered I had groceries in the car and it wasn’t quite cold enough that day to keep the frozen things frozen.

  4. Accidental Mick says:

    I have long known that I am a mutant form of humanity that is designed to hibernate from November to April.

  5. Ahh yes March, The month on the Cape where the sea is grey the sky is grey the yard is grey I’m grey… The only motivating thought is that it’s almost spring. Problem is March is 14 weeks long. Don’t appologize for escaping. 🙂

  6. Tamar,
    I just read your work on the great fish swap. Loved your line about the FDA fishing education unclear. Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation with your husband and look forward to many spring posts.

  7. Thanks for the information! I am planning a vacation in Cape Cod over the summer and was looking into stuff to do. I’ve heard that the seafood is some of the best in the country, so I’m looking forward to dining out, but what would you suggest to do during the day with the family?

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