Vacation Update II: Schadenfreude

The northeast, you may know, is snowed in.  All our friends are figuring out how to heat their homes, and how to remove an unconscionable amount of snow from their driveways, and how to recharge their phones so they can stay connected to the outside world.

We are figuring out where to go for lunch.  But I remember snow and ice.  I do.  And to prove it, I will direct your attention to a post I wrote two years ago, at about this time, about a little ice fishing adventure:  Felony Angling.

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  1. Oh, good timing Tamar. So glad we don’t live in MA anymore. It’s funny that for some reason we keep dodging bullets here in northern VT. I would love to be ice fishing right now and once the kiddos are old enough to not slip and break out all their teeth, we will be doing just that. Here’s another season to talking my family out of a vacation because we keep livestock and have goat babies due in three weeks. Argh.

  2. I can’t even count the number of perch my sisters and i have caught through the years. NONE of them have even approached that size! Glad for the repost or I wouldn’t have even believed it!

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