Vacation Update I: Sunny and seasonal

Those of you following along at home know that Kevin and I are on vacation until mid-March.  Right now, we’re in Charleston, South Carolina, where it is sunny and almost downright warm.  (I’ll be posting occasional vacation updates on Facebook, and if you have any interest in seeing what Kevin and I are doing, where we’re eating, and what we think about palmetto bugs, go to my Facebook page and press the “Follow” button. If you already follow me at the Starving off the Land Facebook page, you might want to come follow my personal page, since I’ll be phasing out that other one. I want all my friends in one place.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been going through the archives to find some highlights from past years, so you have something to ward off Starving withdrawal symptoms.  Since it’s almost spring, and I know you’re combing through your seed catalogs, I thought I might start with this one, on the ridiculous expense of gardening: Going Bro-K.

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  1. sorry to hear about your plans to change the site…I will not follow to facebook. Been there tried that-only brought lots of trouble.Hope you change your mind.

  2. Dianne — I guess, in the fog of vacation, I’m not expressing myself very clearly. Starving, the blog, will continue as is — the only thing I’m phasing out is the Starving off the Land Facebook page. So I hope you’ll stick around!

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