The July harvest

It’s an awkward month, July. The fishing isn’t as good as May and June, the garden hasn’t started producing much yet, and the chickens are on strike because of the heat. It makes for a meager harvest, and a calorie count that comes in significantly below the 30,000 that would constitute 20% of our monthly caloric needs, our goal for the year.

Here’s what we got:

15 lbs. bluefish filets @ 550 = 8250
10 dozen eggs @ 800 = 8000
25 oysters @ 10 = 250
4 cups chopped clams @ 200 = 800
4 lbs. tomatoes @ 80 = 320
4 large cucumbers @ 50 = 200
12 pickling cucumbers @ 20 = 240
misc. greens and herbs, and 3 raspberries = 100

That’s 18,160, not so good for the summer, even if it is an awkward month.

The real problem is that we just didn’t do enough fishing. We’ll see if we can remedy that in August.

8/2 Amendment: Astute commenter Bob reminded me about the raccoon.  I wouldn’t have thought I’d forgotten it so soon.  It was a small raccoon, not more than a pound of meat, and I’m figuring it’s calorically similar to rabbit.  So I’ll add 500 calories for a new total of 18,660.  Thanks, Bob!

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  1. 3 raspberries? That’s right up there with my 7 cherry tomatoes. The drought here means the animals eat them before they ripen.

  2. My last garden was full of Thai Basil, I shall be planting more here once I have the raised beds complete.

    I am afraid I am nowhere near as industrious as you in achieving a measure of self sufficiency, limiting my contribution to dropping the odd bush buck and bringing the meat home. The only tomato crop I had was devastated by the goose, a bird I bought to fatten and slaughter for Christmas but now four years later seems to be more of an irritating pet. Every morning before sun up the blasted thing honks like crazy outside my door. It is quite a civilised animal, though. If I forget to shut the outside toilet door, she will go in there to defecate. Sadly, she hasn’t learnt how to sit on the loo. I guess webbed feet and slippery porcelain bowls don’t mix. But it is hard to be angry with her when you see the nice nest she has made for herself out of the toilet paper. What is it about women and bathrooms?

    I will try and follow your laudable example though. I have a large box full of seed and as soon as the rainy season starts, I will plant them and maybe even have a surplus (wishful thinking, I know).

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