The half-year harvest

We’re at the year’s halfway point, a reasonable time to check in our goal of getting 20.12% of our 2012 calories first-hand.

Let me preface this by reminding you that the first half of year necessarily includes the first quarter, in which virtually nothing edible is harvested. Although the second quarter sees some excellent fishing, we still expect July through December to be more fruitful than January through June.

That said, let’s do the math.

First, the June tally:

50 lbs. striped bass filets @ 400 = 20,000
2 lbs. bluefish filets @ 550 = 1100
14 dozen eggs @ 800 = 11,200
75 oysters @ 10 = 750
4 cups chopped clams @ 200 = 800
10 lbs. leeks @ 250 = 2500
3 lbs. kale @ 200 = 600
½ lb. bok choy @ 100 = 50
1 lb carrots @ 200 = 200
4 quarts strawberries @ 200 = 800
30 radishes, plus lots of herbs: 100
2 shiitake mushrooms: negligible, but I had to put them on the list

A bit meager in the vegetable department, excellent in the seafood department. Egg production continues to drop off, but stays strong enough to make a significant contribution. Total: 38,100.

So far, that gets us to:

June 38,100
May: 59,900
April: 16,500
March: 14,500
February: 18,500
January: 16,800

TOTAL: 164,300

Our estimated caloric needs of 5000 calories per day means we need 900,000 in a six month period. Our total is 18.25% of our needs.

It’s not 20.12%, but it’s within shouting distance.

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    • We’re not eating it all — we’ve given a lot of the fish away, or bartered it for produce and good will. But we’d eat it all if we were really relying on our wits (and our boat) to feed ourselves. I’m just trying to get a feel for how much of our needs we *could* provide for.

  1. Congrats! You two are right on target! The best garden harvesting is just around the corner, so you should meet (dare I say … exceed?) your goal this year!

  2. Wow! Way to go!

    On another note, you list of tags on the right is cracking me up. The fifth line reads “Deer ducks eggs every other Friday” and the next line is “Garden guns harvest herring”.

    What can I say? It’s late.

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