Silly pig pictures

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Only twenty more gallons to go …

Hey, Doc! You hot?

Heh heh heh



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  1. Now what is silly about that?

    Fun more like!

  2. How fun is that!!! I’m getting piggy fever..

  3. ohmgoodness! How are you going to eat those?

    Well, they definitely had a good life if somebody held a hose for them to play in.

  4. Makes me homesick for my pigs. My dad raised pigs back when i was a little girl (60 plus years ago).
    On butchering day, I’d run and hide because the pigs, in just a few short months, became my pets. However, they did make great food for the winter. I enjoyed the video of the shower. Looks like they loved it. Keep up the good work. i’m watching!