First fish of the year!

Yesterday, Kevin and I went fishing. Although we’d gone a couple of times before, it wasn’t in earnest because we knew the fish weren’t there yet. Yesterday, we knew the striped bass were in Barnstable Harbor, and we were determined to catch us a couple.

We went out to the head of the channel, about two miles outside the harbor, and jigged up a couple dozen mackerel to use as bait. Then we went back to the harbor and did loops drifting from the mouth out to the bay, livelining the mackerel.  When we got to the head of the channel, we’d motor back and do again, floating with the tide as it went out.

At first, there was nothing. And then, there were bass. By the time the day was over, we had each caught one. Both fish were 32 inches. Both fish were 11 pounds. They were virtually identical. We had caught them exactly the same way, on very similar tackle. So why does Kevin look like a manly boat captain, holding the fish that is the due of a skilled fisherman …

… and I just look like a dork?



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  1. Jane Smith says:

    Hello Tamar and Kevin…greetings from Sacramento, California…It is a quiet Sunday and I thought I hadn’t read your blog in a looooong time. Such a joy and always a good laugh…thank you. Your first catch of the season is amazing…I have to say that fresh caught fish is one of the things we miss here in the city!! Our Cape friend Dick Tompkins would always share his catch with us…especially the blue fish, because his wife did not like it. We do eat salmon frequently and crab in December, but no blue fish or bass. Trader Joes has some frozen NE scallops that have been very good eating for us and we ordered lobsters from Joe’s on the canal for a Christmas treat for all. With the abundance of fresh local, organic vegetables here, I can be OK with the lack of fish and count my blessings instead. With some warm days in January, I began work on cleaning up a small side bed on our rental property. The earth is so different from our Cape soil…Don started composting the day we arrived, but it is not ready to go yet. However, with some work and Miracle Gro we have eaten spinach, lettuce and herbs already and our tomato seedlings are in flower as is the zuccini. My biggest job is going snail hunting. They are abundant and hungry!!! Hope to see you when we are on the Cape the first week of June. All our best, Janie and Don

  2. wait… where did kevin’s hair go?!?!?!?! did you convince him of a 2 for 1 deal on your haircut?

  3. Mmmm now I’m craving striped bass with parsley and tarragon sauce. So easy, so delicious. Double congratulations 1) on the fish and 2) the sea’s equal-opportunity policy finally paying men and women the same!

  4. Not dorky. You look genuinely pleased with your catch, as well you should be! Seems you and Kevin have matching fish AND haircuts.

  5. Margaret Fishermfish007 says:

    If you look at the ratio between the fisherman’s body weight and the weight of the bass, your fish is clearly far heavier!

  6. Wearing a hood ramps up the “look like a dork” factor. You are obviously the smart one though, as everyone knows we loose the majority of our body heat through an uncovered head. Great job on the first catches!

  7. Where did his hair go? And I do agree with several other posters, considering they may be same size, same weight, you, are clearly smaller. But this post killed me I laughed so hard. We all think you are HOT!

  8. brother marty says:

    Dork my but;your Fish looks at least 8-10 lbs heaver then the mighty Captians;its not the angle of the camera,the closeness of the shot;its the presentation of the subject of interest( MR Stripa Bass) you got mad trophy skills.Way to hold that baby up pointing the head like you did and showin some belly thats a trophy shot in my book. Congrats on the Fishing on the new boat.

  9. Kevin looks like he catches a striper like that every day and he is humoring you by posing with it, but you look like catching that baby was the highlight of your day and you are rightfully proud of your accomplishment. I like your photo better.

    Take it from me, the Queen of Dorky Pictures, some of us just cannot get a break on candid pictures. For some reason, whenever a camera comes out, I suddenly am stuffing food in my mouth in a very undignified way, or drinking my soda in a way that looks like I am chugging booze in a “Girls Gone Wild” DVD. I have actually asked my friends if I appear as drunk in real life as I do in pictures, and they tell me I don’t, so I think it is a weird anti-talent that is the opposite of people who take good photos all the time.

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