A Starving milestone

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Today our broody hen, Queenie, successfully hatched a turkey poult.

She’s got four more eggs to go (one broke), and we have yet to see whether she can teach them life’s basics, like eating, drinking, and avoiding being crushed by a well-meaning but clumsy mother surrogate.  But we have a poult.

We have a poult.

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  1. Great photo. Can’t wait to hear how she does. I wonder if she thinks she’s got funny looking babies… Nice piece in Cooking Light, by the way

  2. Congratulations to you and Queenie..

  3. aw! they look so cute!

  4. Woo hoo! A baby! Good luck on the rest of the eggs.

  5. Not wishing to be a pedant – but do you mean fledged? Not hatched?? Isn’t fledging when they fly for the first time?

    • You know, I thought it was wrong as soon as I wrote it, and then didn’t go back to check. You are absolutely correct, and I have changed it. Thanks for the catch — please ALWAYS correct me when I screw up.

  6. I am so happy for Queenie. Can’t wait to see how she does.

  7. How did you get the fertile turkey egg? Because from everything I’ve read about turkeys, they’ve have all the instincts to breed bred out of them. Well, maybe not so much the heritage breeds, but the commercial breeds certainly.

    Congratulations on the poult.

    • We’re not exactly sure what breed this is, but it is one of the heritage kinds that can still fly and reproduce. The Standard Bronze breed, which we’ve had in the two previous years, are like that, but I think these birds are a little smaller and a little browner. It’ll be a surprise.

  8. Holy buttons that’s cute!

  9. So? Are you going to leave us in suspense? How is the hatch going?