How to build a $40. cold frame in 10 seconds

It sometimes feels like Starving is an exercise in which Kevin thinks of things and I write them down.

Those of you who follow this space know that he is the mastermind behind the chicken coop and the sabiki rod, the turkey pen and the chicken plucker. Also, the stump pulling, the less said about which, the better.

You also may remember that, last year at this time, he had a brilliant idea for making a cheap, portable cold frame. So brilliant that I did a video about it, in which I give him no credit whatsoever.

Spoiler alert: I’m going to tell you how to do it.

All you need are two window wells, the kind that go on the ground outside basement windows and cost about $18 a piece, and a handful of clips. Put the window wells together, back to back, and attach them with clips.

That’s all. You now have a cold frame that you put together in ten seconds, for forty dollars.

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  1. Jeanfromcornwall says:

    Brilliant! So elegantly simple. Just one problem. No great supply of basements in the UK, so I doubt if any of the usual suppliers would have anything like them. They’d be a bit of a pain to post too, so no mail order.

  2. You guys are so wicked smaht. I love this idea. Especialy for someone like me who has BDD (building deficit disorder). If it requires hammer and nails, or heaven forbid a saw, I can guarantee that it will be cattywompus. I made some cold frames out of strawbales and old windows over the top. This worked great, but I like this idea better. (strawbales are heavy)

  3. You are a genius of common sense.
    I don’t think I have ever once read a blog post from you and not ended up smiling. I have the sense that after every one of these projects and subsequent posts, you brush your hands off on your pant legs and say, “Okay. Next…”

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