Drumroll, please!

And now, for the results of the boat-naming contest. But first, let me just say, I have the best commentariat in the blogosphere. We loved the list of nominees, and the comments that went along with it.

Dave, thanks for running “Dream Catcher” through your anagram software – that’s exactly the kind of thing we like to do around here. And to all of you who played along at home painting out letters, we very much appreciate your getting into the spirit of the thing. Why I didn’t see “ream her” I’ll never know! (Kingsley, this is exactly the kind of thing we count on you for.)

We loved some of the boat names you told us about, like “Lagniappe” (from Sarah) and “Damnit Bob” (from Barbara Christensen, who should know that she shares my maternal grandmother’s maiden name). Accidental Mick, we liked “Oh Good Another Expense” almost as much as we liked “Iota.” And, even though it wasn’t a boat name, we also liked “Mop Chop Shop” as a hair salon (from Sonja Kahler – and thanks for the kind words).

Chiggerbritches, I hope you do start your band, the Loose Stools, although we decided that, as a boat name, that wouldn’t pass the Coast Guard Test.

Bill, you made us want to buy a crane just so we could call it “Barnstable Hoister.”

What surprised me, though, is how well you all seem to know us. While I know, because I have statistics reports, that a lot of people come visit and read my endless posts about our life here, this is the first time I’ve gotten a sense that I’m actually connected to you, connecting with you. So many of the names were tailored to us – our personalities, our history, our past adventures (Judy even referenced a post from over two years ago). I particularly liked it that people who had never commented before came out into the light (you know who you are, Shea).

I know this is inexcusably corny, but the whole comment stream made me feel like we have friends, and it warmed my heart.

So it is with much chagrin that I tell you that, although we have a contest winner, we don’t yet have a name. We liked a lot of the candidates, and a couple of you cast votes for “Loafs and Fishes,” which gave us more confidence in our initial idea.

Here’s the thing. If you give your cat a name and then it doesn’t suit, you can just change it (to Cat, naturally). But, with a boat, once you take off (or paint over, or whatever you do) the old letters and pay good money to a skilled artisan to emblazon your new name across the hull, you’re pretty much stuck with it. So you have to go in with confidence, and that’s something we don’t yet have. The search will continue.

Meanwhile, though, we’re sending sea salt to Yvette, who came through with a great list. Forty names! All relevant! Several, including “Diabolical,” “Slippery Slope,” and “Object Lesson,” were high on our list. So, Yvette, please send your details to me by email (tamar@starvingofftheland.com), and we’ll get that in the mail for you. If, down the road, we use one of the suggested names, we will certainly also send salt to the suggester.

Thanks to all who contributed. We had great fun checking the suggestions every day, and I’m sorry we remain unable to make up our mind. But, when it comes right down to it, what’s in a name?

Wait. Don’t answer that.

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  1. I’m with Cath who left a comment on your previous post. It’s bad luck. I’m the daughter of a captain who’d shudder at the idea. It’s simply bad ju-ju.

    Because I love Spoonerisms, since it’s dubbed the Dream Catcher, there’s no reason you can’t call it the Cream Retcher amongst yourselves.

  2. Shim, I know the superstition. Your father’s in good company, I think — there are lots of people who won’t change a boat name. But we’re not among them. Not only will we change the name, we’ll take bananas on it! Now *that’s* tempting fate.

  3. Hi Tamar,

    I just got back from 2 weeks in Manila and I’m catching up on your posts. I know I’m late for the contest, but I thought I’d offer my jet lag inspired vision for your boat’s new name. Considering that you’re seeking self sufficiency, how about that in itself? “Sufficient-Sea” Just my 2 cents worth.


    • Rick, we had that EXACT SAME IDEA. It started with “De Fish in Sea,” but we thought that was too negative. From there, we got to “Sufficient Sea,” and we liked it a lot. We didn’t float it because, all things considered, we thought “Loafs and Fishes” was more reflective of our personalities. What’s that they say about great minds?

    • I know, Tom, I know. It’s a total cop-out, and I don’t feel good about myself right now. I do like “Lien Times,” though …

      • Don’t feel bad about yourself, naming a boat is a deeply personal thing. What will happen is you will go to bed and have a dream, sit bolt upright in bed and scare the hell out of your other half when you shout out, ‘THAT’S IT!!!’ And, being a man, he will roll over and say, ‘Fine, whatever floats your boat. Can we go back to sleep now?’

  4. Ha! I knew it! You were not gonna name the boat yet! Didn’t comment at the last post ’cause I was intimidated by the sheer number of the suggestions (and I had a bet with myself whether you will adopt any of the suggestions). Although if its worth anything, my vote goes to Starving Off the Land. Its free advertising and means you were starving off the land so you came to the sea. Great blog by the way!

  5. We’re all getting to know you through your blog, but clearly Kevin knows you best! Did you have a best going on whether you’d choose a name through the contest, and if so, what did he win?

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