Like everyone else on the planet, Kevin and I are determined that 2012 kicks off our serious effort to get back to our fighting weights. For me, that means dropping 15 pounds. For Kevin, it’s 21, which is about the same proportion of his body weight.

To up the ante, we’ve decided that there’s a prize for the first person to see the target number on the scale. We each get to decide what we win.

If I win, I want a professional massage. If he wins, he wants a 23-foot Steiger Craft with a 225-horse Evinrude E-tec and a Ford F250 Super Duty diesel to pull it.

You better hold the sausages.

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  1. mike henderson says:

    I’ve heard good results from people who adopt the primal (or paleo) diet/lifestyle. You might want to take a look at He devotes is Friday entries to a success story he received that week.

    Good luck!

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