A Starving Survey: Oysters and housekeeping

I have a theory.  It’s a theory about oysters, and housekeeping, and how they’re related.

It’s unfortunate that the Internet has given us tools to test these kinds of theories, because it means I can’t just keep going around talking through my hat. So, in a Starving first, I’m going to solicit your input in an organized fashion and take a survey.

Fortunately, if the survey fails to confirm my theory, I will have lots of wiggle room.  I can say the sample isn’t random, that it isn’t statistically significant, and that Starving readers are self-selected to be contrarian theory-busters.

If the survey does confirm my theory, it will validate my genius.

There.  How can you not participate?

I will report back as soon as I can get enough people who agree with me to stuff the ballot box.

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  1. Not quite enough choices on the oysters! My husband loves raw oysters, I have never tried them and they dont sound appealing. SO chose the middle of the path to reflect both opinions!

    • Ah, Myrna, and I was trying to make it so simple. If you split the difference, I can’t tell what either of you thinks! But I daresay it won’t skew the results too badly in this, my super-scientific oyster attitude survey.

  2. Mom has already completed the survey, but you should upgrade both her rating of her housekeeping and her love for oysters.

  3. I love eastern oysters but I’m not so crazy about western oysters- eastern are a lot cleaner tasting, whereas my experience with western oysters (particularly those from Petaluma) are that they taste like you tripped and ate part of the beach.

    Re: my survey response- I sure hope I’m in good company.

  4. Greg the Beeman says:

    I think oysters are divine gifts cleverly disguised as sea-snot. Not the most attractive thing to look at, but I love them anyway. Yes, I have gotten a case of food poisonong from a bad oyster (confirmed by a healath dept, I was not the only one.) and I still seek them out. So far, I have not seen any from Cape Cod, but quite a few from the Gulf show up here.

  5. I think I can see where this is going ….
    A love of wild, slippery, sloppery shellfish is surely incompatible with a well-organised, alphabetically arranged kitchen cupboard.

    Your pioneering lifestyle leaves me gobsmacked, Tamar, especially the shooting things with guns stuff. Stay safe and keep making me laugh.

    Joan in tame, raccoon-free Berkshire, England.

  6. I really cannot vote on this survey. Sadly, I love oysters, but they do not love me. Along with most other shellfish, they hate me so much that they stage a breakout within 2 hours of eating them. Sigh. Shellfish allergies are a bummer.

    Regarding housekeeping, it depends. Areas of the house where others may be present are kept clean and orderly. Storage areas require a team of archeologists after a few years.

    My theory on love of oysters v. housekeeping is that most people who love oysters secretly believe they should have household servants, and are constantly surprised to find that this is not the case.

  7. Lee likes them more than me. I always try them though. Housekeeping… well one day it will be better when I’m not tripping over tools every third step. LOL

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